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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

18 & Over Blog Hop


 Day 1 of Naughtiness during the 18 and Over Blog Hop

 Except:  Angel of Death
 In moments Mika straddled on top of him. 
The tip of his desire was pressed against her warmth. 
She nibbled softly on his lower lip sending small shivers coarse through him.  Mika’s own need resurfaced as strongly as the first time. 
She had hoped that the physical attraction they shared was a fluke, but she was soon finding out that it wasn’t. For all the emotions she felt on the first coming together were just as strong. Angry at herself she became more aggressive in their love making. Somehow, she knew she couldn’t lose control of herself. She needed to be the one in control in and out of the bed, and she knew just how to get it. Her lips left his lips and trailed kisses down his broad chest nibbling on his taunt nipples. Making the little goose bumps cover his warm flesh. Slowly she made her
way down to his swollen desire. Taking him in her hand she took him into her warm moist mouth.  His body stiffened at the exquisite feel of her mouth covering his burning need. It took all his self
control not to lose himself in the feel of her lips and tongue.
Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more she raised
up over him and guided him into her. She moved slowly at
first causing exquisite pleasure and pain at the same time.
Together they rose higher until they both cried out in their own release. Mika collapsed on top of him from exhaustion. Silently they lay together listening to each others breathing until finally they fell to sleep.

Day 2 of Naughtiness during the 18 & Over Blog Hop

Excerpt:  Shadows of my Past 

 His lips trailed kisses over her body until his lips touched the core of her desire. Her fingers intertwined intohis hair clutching him to her. Waves of heat coursed through her body as his lips and tongue caressed her. She cried out as spots flashed before her eyes. It was such blinding pleasure he brought to her. Then he was kissing her lips once more. She could taste herself on his lips and it excited her beyond reason. She could feel the tip of him teasing her and she didn’t know how it was possible but she knew she wanted more. For all the pleasure his mouth had brought her it wasn’t even going to compare to what she was going to feel when he entered her and their bodies became one at last. Vaguely she heard him whisper that it would hurt but her mind was to gone in pleasure to
understand. In the next moment she felt the slight tearing of her flesh as they became one but she pushed the discomfort aside as she rocked against him urging him on.

Barcuilai moved slowly at first driving himself mad with wanting all of her. At the same time he wanted this to be special for her. She was so damn beautiful and he was going insane trying to keep from tasting the nectar that was hers alone; while they where join as one. The joining of true mates always included the exchange of blood but he fought the selfish urge knowing that she was not ready for that type of experience. Together they moved as one each stroke bringing them closer to their desired goal.  Desi felt as if he wasn’t merely piercing her body but he
was piercing her soul as well. She knew that after tonight she’d never be the same again. Her body now belonged to
Barcuilai for all time. Then he faded from view as white light flooded her vision and she cried out in release. She
felt as if the whole world had melted away. She barely heard Barcuilai’s cry of release as his body slumped onto
hers in exhaustion. She wanted to say something to let him know how beautiful it was but no words could possibly describe what she felt.

Day 3 of Naughtiness during 
 the 18 & Over Blog Hop
This is a excerpt from one of my earlier love scenes I wrote when I was a teenager in the short story Fallen From Grace:

Telling her to keep her eyes closed until he told her to open them, Aldrich opened the bedroom door and whispered, “Now, my darling.”
Vivien couldn’t believe her own eyes.  He had gone to so much trouble just for her.  If she hadn’t loved him before, she was head over heels in love with him now.
In the middle of the room was a huge heart-shaped bed.  Red rose petals had been strewn all over it and the white rug on the floor.  On the two bedside tables more red roses jutted up from slender delicate-looking vases.  Lighted candles were scattered haphazardly throughout the room.
Aldrich pulled Vivien’s frail body against his.  He pressed his hardness against her.  “See what you do to me, my love.  Please…stay with me tonight?” 
Without considering any of the consequences, she found herself saying, “Yes, my sweetness.”
Their lips met with great passion, their bodies yearned to be free of the biding clothes they were wearing.  Quickly they undressed each other, tossing their clothes amongst amongst the rose petals on the floor.  Adrian laid Vivien down on the bed.  The soft rose petals felt silky against her bare skin.  He cupped both of her small breasts in each of his hands and began teasing the nipples with his tongue.
“Aldrich, you’re my first.  You’re the only man I ever…”
He stopped momentarily and gazed into the depths of her eyes.  He knew in his heart what she said was the truth.  She was a virgin.  Somehow, this made him want her even more.  His hot mouth tailed kisses down her soft-sloping belly, then began nibbling on her inner thigh.  Gradually, he worked his way to the place that yearned for his manhood.
Changing places, Vivien allowed her hand to travel down Aldrich’s manly chest to his pubic hair.  Slowly, with swollen lips, she followed that trail with her tongue until her mouth enclosed around his secret jewel.  He sucked in a breath of air, his heart pounding furiously.
Her mouth left the place of his need while her lips sought their way back up to his nipples.  They were hard and erect like his manhood.  She flicked her tongue at them, going in a circular motion.  Suddenly, he rolled her over and pinned her to the bed.  He was breathing raggedly and the sweet smell of his sweat filled her nostrils like some intoxicating cologne.
“Now Aldrich, now!”  She cried out, her own voice sounding alien to her ears.
His first attempt at entering her was very tenuous, as if he were afraid of hurting her, but when she never cried out, he pushed harder.  Vivien felt a twinge of pain, followed by the engorgement of his manhood deep inside her.  The nails of her fingers rippled down his muscular back, urging him on.  He nibbled on her ear lobe and she felt goose bumps running down her spine.
It could have been over so quickly, but Aldrich knew exactly what he was doing.  Whenever he would have her on the brink of an orgasm, he would stop or slow down before beginning again.
Vivien felt a oneness with Aldrich, which she had never experienced before.  The pleasure he was giving her had to be sinful.  She wanted it to go on and on, while her body grew ever closer to the point of no return.  All of a sudden Aldrich’s body went rigid and he let out a moan.  At the same time Vivien felt her own body convulsing spasmodically as the throes of her orgasm left her weak with ecstasy.

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