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Friday, October 18, 2013

New Sexier Book Cover for Angel of Death Out Now!!!

                                New Sexier Cover Out Now On Kindle and Paperback!!!

IRC 2013 Lebanon TN

 Victoria Vane       
                                                 Heather Gunter             Heather Allen

                                                        H.D. Thomson    Caris Roane

                                                                      Kallyspo Masters
                                                Leigh Savage
                                                                                               Red Phoenix
                                             Victoria Vane
                                                                                                   Leigh Savage

                                                   Heather Allen

                                          Leigh Savage                              Suzan Tisdale

                                              Angela Brown

                                                               H.D. Thomson        Caris Roane

                                                                 Heather Gunter

                                                                Leigh Savage
                                             H.D. Thomson          Caris Roane

                                           Leigh Savage    Suzan Tisdale

                                                                                                           Leigh Savage
                                           Leigh Savage        Suzan Tisdale

                                                           Attending Author's Books

                                                                 Leigh Savage

                                                                 Leigh Savage

                                                   Donna McDonald & Leigh Savage 

                                           Winners of the Leigh Savage Glam Gift Basket

                                                                    The Jeep Diva

                                                       Twinise Talk Book Reviews
                                                 Close Encounters with the Night Kind
                                                         Bitten by Paranormal Romance

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