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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review Lusted in Las Vegas by Sandra Bunino


Lusted in Las Vegas
by Sandra Bunino

Lusted in Las Vegas picks up where Marooned in Miami left off while Stephanie and Jason’s sexy tryst continues in Sin City! Their chemistry is undeniable and their lust just may take a turn toward love when they return to each other’s arms. However, all is not perfect in paradise when Jason’s ex comes to town and wants what she believes is rightfully hers.

Jason’s not the only one with something to hide. Stephanie carries a secret of her own. Can she spend a carefree weekend with Jason without risking a broken heart? Or do her feelings for Jason run too deep to simply walk away?

Review by Leigh Savage:

If you thought the story between Stephanie and Jason in Marooned in Miami couldn’t possibly get any hotter you couldn’t by any more wrong.  The story between Stephanie and Jason begins to deepen no longer just a fling for fun but real emotions that Stephanie doesn’t want to feel fearing she’ll only be hurt once again. 
Jason, who wanted her to trust in him enough to come clean about her little lie about still being married, doesn’t want to be toyed with once more after being played by his ex. 
Once trouble comes knocking at their door, will they be torn apart or find a way to make love work and just maybe heal each others hearts.

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  1. Leigh great review..thought I'd come scope U out..teeheeee...! Nice place U have here:D